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Act I The Countryside outside Moscow It is an idyllic summer afternoon and a picnic is in progress to celebrate Cinderella’s birthday. Her Father, Count Serbrenska, gives her a present and they are joined by Cinderella’s Stepmother and her Stepsisters, Natasha and Sophia. Prince and Princess Mulakov, who are good friends of the Count, arrive with their son, Prince Mikhail. As the afternoon continues, the young people play and the adults stroll or join a shooting party on the other side of the river.
Dracula. Photo Merlin Hendy.
ACT 1 Prologue A man, Dracula, steps from a coffin. Naked we step into the world, naked we re-enter. Voyage Jonathan Harker, a young English lawyer, boards a carriage for the final leg of a journey that has brought him far from home. Arrival and Sojourn Jonathan reads through his papers as Count Dracula watches. Jonathan is terrorised by the vampire, but is what happens reality, fantasy, or both?
Act One Prologue Nick Carraway follows directions to his rented cottage in West Egg on Long Island. Jimmy Gatz, now Jay Gatsby, remembers his own early love for Daisy Fay. He won and lost her love when he was a young Officer going off to the Great War. Criminal activities suggest Gatsby's financial gains are through corruption. Gatsby looks at a flashing green light over the bay willing Daisy, who now lives in East Egg with her husband Tom Buchanan, to come over the water to his beautiful mansion, and back to him.
ACT I A Samurai, the father of Butterfly, has been disgraced. In the last moments before he commits Hari Kari he sells his daughter to the marriage broker, Goro. Butterfly enters the world of Geisha with her only possession, her father's sword, and dresses in her new kimono.
Act One Scene 1: The Children's Room On The Top Floor Of Number 14. Night. Mrs Darling encounters a strange being in her children's room. It escapes but leaves its shadow behind. It is the end of the day and the children, Michael, John and Wendy, with their dog Nana, play and have supper. Mr and Mrs Darling are preparing to go out to a dinner party and, with Liza their maid, get the children ready for bed before they leave.
Hannah Bateman as Isabella and Christopher Hinton-Lewis as Heathcliff. Photo Merlin Hendy.
Prologue A storm upon the moors. Haunted by memories of Cathy, Heathcliff rages through the night. Finally the storm dies down and a memory returns, of Cathy and Heathcliff in their youth, a memory of innocent and trusting love.
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