Our Staff

Photo of Northern Ballet Staff by Brian Slater.

Artistic Director

David Nixon OBE

Ballet Master

Daniel de Andrade

Ballet Mistress

Yoko Ichino

Guest Ballet Mistress

Charlotte Talbot

Guest Ballet Master

Christopher Hinton-Lewis

Dramatic Associate

Patricia Doyle

Guest Teachers

David Paul Kierce

Raymond Smith

Andria Hall

Keith Mackintosh

Yannick Boquin 

Contact email: info@northernballet.com

Chief Executive

Mark Skipper DL

Finance Director

Judith Hartley

Planning Manager

Lily Amy

HR Manager

Dawn Wilson

Events & Business Development Manager

Alan Gallacher

Finance Manager

Joanne Gomersall

Sam Cormack

Finance Officer

Kath Holliday

PA to the Directors

Diane Tabern

Contact email: administration@northernballet.com

Director of Communications

Laraine Penson

Head of Marketing

Emma Mooney

Head of PR

Karen Ferreira

In-house Designer

Richard Barrelle

Communications Manager: Web & Social Media


Communications Manager

Lauren Godfrey

Communications Manager, Marketing

Liz Rose

Communications Officer, Marketing

Rebecca Maude

Assistant Communications Officer

Eloise Williamson

Contact email: info@northernballet.com

Director of Developement

Crys Whitewoods

Development Manager:
Corporates & Individuals

Abigail Walton

Development Manager:
Trusts & Foundations

David Ward

Development Officer:
Friends & Legacy

Joanne Clayton

Research and Data Officer

Rebecca Cheung

Development Officer:

Thomas Shallaker

Contact email: info@northernballet.com

IT Director

Neil Jarman

IT Officer & Assistant Developer

David Fodden

Director of Learning

Selina McGonagle

Learning Manager

Jo Dean

Project Manager

Lauren Houghton
Projects Administrator

Shelley Firth

Dance Education Officers

Sophie Alder

Samantha Carruthers

Leanne Kirkham

Dance Education Apprentice

Keisha Hamilton

Contact email: learning@northernballet.com

Physiotherapy Services

Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy Ltd, Leeds

Liz Atha

Alan Wood

Company Doctors

Dr James Brown MBB, FFSEM

Dr Sarah L Lawton MA (Cantab), MBB, CHIR. DRCOG

Company Counsellor

Lynne Jackson

Company Masseurs

Sylvia Cove

Adam Hirst

Jane Whitley

Contact email: craig.schofield@northernballet.com

music – northern ballet sinfonia
Music Director

John Pryce-Jones

Assistant Music Director

Nathan Fifield

Orchestra & Concerts Manager

Barry Collarbone

Company Pianist

Andrew Dunlop

Ewan Gilford

Orchestra Pit Manager

Steve Costello

Contact email: info@northernballet.com

academy of northern ballet

David Nixon OBE

Associate Director

Yoko Ichino

Director of Academy Operations

Catherine Worthington
CAT Manager

Yasmin Delves

Student Support Co-ordinator

Emma Rodriguez-Saona

Academy & Graduate Programme Manager
and teaches Mini Movers, Creative Movement,
Intro to Ballet and Over 55’s

Annemarie Donoghue

Head of Lower Level
Pre-Professional Programme

Cara O'Shea

Academy Pianists

David Plumpton

Gerard Power

Contact email: academy@northernballet.com

Operations Manager

Shaun Daniels


Fiona Heseltine (head)

Kathy Dean

Karen Dixon

Sofia Esdstrand

Carol McCarthy

April Skipp

Kayleigh Wiechula


Robert Cordingly (Senior)

Austen Coldwell

Peter Scott

company & stage management
Company Manager

Naomi Foster

Stage Manager

Philip Andrew

Senior Deputy Stage Manager

Chun-Yen Chia

Deputy Stage Manager

Heidi Thornton (maternity leave)

Rachel Harris (maternity cover)

Contact email: steve.wilkins@northernballet.com

Technical Director

Steve Wilkins

Head of Lighting

Alastair West

Deputy Head of Lighting

Adam Greenwood

Studio Technical Manager

Martin Smith

Assistant Electrician

Laura Sprake

Head of Stage

Sid Taylor

Deputy Head of Stage

Stewart Campbell


Nick Anger

Stage Technician

Rick Cavanagh

Head of Workshop

Graham Pedley



Contact email: steve.wilkins@northernballet.com

wardrobe & wigs
Head of Wardrobe

Kim Brassley

Senior Wardrobe Manager

Mikhaila Pye

Costume Makers & Cutters

Carley Marsh

Julie Anderson (freelance)

Wardrobe Manager

Freya Crowley-Bennett

Wardrobe Assistant

Francesca Wilkinson

Contact email: kim.brassley@northernballet.com