Jessica Morgan


Jessica Morgan

Jessica is from Newcastle, Australia and joined Northern Ballet in 2007. She trained at the Marie Walton Mahon Dance Academy and Elmhurst School for Dance.

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Career highlights

Performing in Kenneth Tindall's Production Prize Winner Project#1 (performed by Northern Ballet as part of Perpetual Motion) in Hanover. Being involved in the creation of David Nixon & Claude-Michel Schönberg's Cleopatra.

Favourite roles

Odette, Swan Lake; Myrtha, Giselle; Dracula's Bride, Dracula; La Fée Magnifique, Beauty & the Beast.

I have also enjoyed performing in Angels in the Architecure (part of Northern Ballet's Mixed Programme in 2010 & 2011) by Mark Godden and Christopher Hampson's Perpetuum Mobile (part of the Northern Ballet mixed programme, Perpetual Motion).

Where were you born and raised?

Newcastle, Australia.

Where did you do your dance training?

Maria Walton Mahon Dance Academy, Elmhurt School for Dance

What made you want to be a dancer?

Wherever my sister went, I followed! She stopped at a young age but I just couldn’t get enough of dancing!

What would be your dream role to dance and why?

Cathy from Wuthering Heights. A role that requires technical precision as well as huge amounts of emotion.

If you could adapt one work into a ballet what would it be?

Schindler’s List. Incredibly moving story with magnificent music.

Who are your artistic influences or heroes?

My mum is my hero. Her love and strength inspires me every day.

Describe your perfect Sunday morning

Phoning my Grandparents in Australia and having a long chat with them while enjoying a late breakfast. A swim and some relaxation time in the sauna usually follows!

What was the first album you bought and what was the last album you bought?

The first album I owned was The Spice Girls! And I recently downloaded Train – Drops of Jupiter. An oldie, but a goody!

What would be your luxury item on a desert island?

My iPod.

What are your favourites places in Yorkshire?

I love to visit Harrogate. I could spend hours in the unique home stores, decorating my imaginary mansion and I love visiting the Turkish baths.