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Antoinette Brooks-Daw - Dancer of the Month

Antoinette Brooks-Daw

To be sponsored through this campaign is a massive motivation for me as a dancer. It gives me the confidence to believe in my abilities and allows me to develop as an artist. I will be forever grateful that you have chosen to sponsor me!


Antoinette is from Somerset and joined Northern Ballet in 2008. She trained at The Trull School of Dancing in Taunton and was a Junior Associate of the Royal Ballet School before joining the Royal Ballet School (Lower and Upper Schools).

Antoinette Brooks-Daw. Photo Simon Lawson.

Antoinette Brooks-Daw & Ryan Hall. Photo Porl Medlock.

60 seconds with...

In a nutshell describe your job and how you got into it?

I am currently in my fifth year here at Northern Ballet. Each day brings with it new challenges, from improving technique and gaining strength in our daily morning training to learning new repertoire and developing different characters.

I started ballet in Hong Kong at the age of three with my mum. At the age of 11 I successfully auditioned for the Royal Ballet School where I completed nine years training before starting my first job here with Northern Ballet.

Where can you be found when you're not at Northern Ballet?

Most recently, I have been to quite a few classical concerts at the Leeds Town Hall. I absolutely love them! It’s a real privilege to be able to sit back and listen to such wonderful live music.

What's the best advice you’ve ever been given?

‘Don't leave until tomorrow what you can do today.“ I still find this hard to put into practice but it's advice I truly believe in.

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