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A different kind of duck race

Published on

Hello again! Last week I left my friends at the duck pond and joined Northern Ballet at the John Charles Centre for Sport for another Breeze on tour event.

Now, I'm not very good at sports (except for swimming, of course) so it was very exciting to be at a big sport centre and have a go at running on a real running track! Luckily Sophie didn't get any photos of me running as I can be a little ungainly and waddly, but here I am relaxing in the stands afterwards. [pic below]

The weather wasn't very good on Wednesday though actually I like it when it rains! I love splashing about in the puddles but I don't think you people do as we didn't see many people. But Thursday was great, the sun was out and we had a lovely day. Lots of children had a go at duck-and-spoon races and I enjoyed a huge amount of cuddles from the little ones. My favourite bit of the day was when one of the children took me on the inflatable Twister game – I've never played it before and it was great fun.

Me looking on from the stadium!

This week we are going to Kirkstall Abbey on Wednesday and Thursday, which is very exciting. I often swim up the river which runs alongside the Abbey so it will be great to spend a few days there. Why don't you come along and join us - we'll be there from 12 - 5pm on both days and it's free to attend!

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