Northern Ballet Away Day Pre-session Thought

Q1 The Board and Exec demonstrate a common view and understanding of the vision of Northern Ballet  
Q2 The Board has a good understanding of its role in artistic planning and risk  
The Board demonstrate an understanding of the role of Northern Ballet and the wider UK and International Dance World  
Q4 The Board’s role in strategic planning is clear and maintained  
Q5 The make-up of the Board reflects a wide range of necessary skills  
Q6 Full use is made of the skills of all Board members  
Q7 There is a clear understanding of the respective roles of Board and management  
Q8 Communication is good between Board and management  
Q9 The Executive and the Board operate as a team  
Q10 The Board fully supports the Executive  
Q11 The Executive fully supports the Board  
Q12 The number and conduct of Board meetings are satisfactory  
Q13 Board agendas are well-planned, comprehensive and prioritise important issues for discussion  
Q14 Board members are given sufficient notice of meeting schedules and events  
Q15 There is appropriate opportunity for "away" time for particular discussion of specific issues  
Q16 The Board papers are relevant and given sufficient and accurate information  
Q17 A good induction process is in place for new Board members  
Q18 The Board understands and acts on the need to advocate for the organisation  

How would you focus the Board and work for the future?

What are the weaknesses of the current Board?

What would improve the Board?

Are there areas you feel you could increase or are not maximising your contribution?

Any other thoughts/comments for the Away Day?