The production is mesmerising. Martha Leebolt excels as Cleopatra and conveys such emotion with every step that it takes effort to tear your eyes away.

Emma Pritchard

Read the full review - THEATRE: Cleopatra

Loved last night's @northernballet Cleopatra. Great costumes, liked choreography and Martha Leebolt was tremendous, such an athletic dancer

Lucy Hart

@LucyHart via Twitter

Cleopatra by @northernballet was fantastic. It was really fresh and captivating. Thought the dancers gave their all! @Sadlers_Wells

Joshua McSherry-Gray

@BalletFriends via Twitter

I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Absolutely stunning. I have played Cleopatra so I followed every single moment and wish that in my dreams I could have ever been as elegant as the Cleopatra tonight. It was absolutely marvellous. Loved it.

Frances Barber

I went to the British Museum exhibition on ancient Egypt just before Christmas and saw all the hieroglyphs, and the stances of the figures. The choreography is amazing Ė it echoes all that perfectly. I think itís a great hybrid of classical ballet with contemporary movement and dance. Iím loving it! ... I love the modern twist. I think the young lady playing Cleopatra is amazing Ė sheís absolutely incredible.

Natalie Dormer

Iím enjoying it tremendously. I think itís a very strong piece. I think the costumes are fantastic. I think itís great.

Gillian Anderson

Iím thoroughly enjoying it. Iím a huge fan of Claude-Michel SchŲnbergís music. The dancing is incredible. I donít really go to the ballet very often but when I do go I love it. I can really adopt the language of the dance and itís incredible the way theyíre telling the story with the choreography. Iím absolutely thrilled to be here and this is really inspiring me to come to the ballet more.

Alfie Boe

Iím absolutely loving it! I think the dancers are spectacular, I absolutely adore the music Ė I think Claude-Michel SchŲnberg has done an incredible job with the score. Itís hypnotic, itís glamorous Ė I just love it.

Craig Revel Horwood

I think itís absolutely fantastic, itís a real spectacle, very moving, and Iím totally absorbed. Iíve just been completely fixated, I havenít thought of anything else other than what Iím watching, theyíve completely drawn me in and the skill is just astounding, itís absolutely incredible. I love the music, I absolutely love the music and the story is such a brilliant story anyway but theyíve just done it so well, itís just absolutely amazing, Iím in awe.

Lorraine Kelly

I loved it. I really loved it.

Beverley Knight

Cleopatra by the Northern Ballet was fantastic at Sadlers Wells - so recommend it!

Sayara Mayani

via Twitter

Northern Ballet @ Sadlers Wells performance was beautiful and awe inspiring

Terry Haigh

@PassivDesign via Twitter

Cleopatra at sadlers wells is divine! A* for northern ballet

Annie Duffield

@annieduffs via Twitter

Amazing Northern ballet at Sadler's Wells ...Cleopatra...what an energy...

Alesya Churakova

@AlesyaCh via Twitter

Captivated by #Cleopatra at Sadlers Wells last night. Sensous & expressive performances, beautiful costumes and glorious music. Bravo NBT

Charlotte Griffin

@GriffinCharl via Twitter

Try and catch Cleopatra at Sadlers Wells theatre. Great production and wonderful music.

Alfie Boe

@AlfieBoe via Twitter

The company are dancing brilliantly. They look so clean, so together. Canít fault it.

Wayne Sleep

I was completely mesmerised and enchanted. Claude-Michelís music was just wonderful. It was enchanting. I loved it.

Anneka Rice

I only know the story through the Shakespeare play and Iím used to seeing actors playing this. Whatís so lovely is seeing an artform that you know nothing about but it being as expressive and moving and Iím really enjoying it

Eddie Redmayne

I think itís amazing, I mean I think itís beautiful the way theyíve taken the ballet and twisted it and made it a little more modern and more unique.

Chloe Moretz

The anticipation of watching a new work is always a thrill. There was a buzz in the audience and Cleopatra delivers. The ballet is very well lit, the costumes are delicious and the company are on fire. Result.

Cheryl Angear

Read the full review - Northern Balletís Cleopatra Ė the Queen of the Nile reigns at Sadlers Wells

Think Elizabeth Taylor... with pointe shoes

Libby Costello

Read the full review - Dance Review: Northern Balletís Cleopatra @ Sadlerís Wells

Last night we were swept away by the London debut of the Northern Balletís Cleopatra, with music by Claude-Michel SchŲnberg and choreography by David Nixon.

Vogue Blog

Read the full review - Carry on Cleo

Cleopatra is a pleasure to watch, moving with pace, style and a great deal of panache.

Judith Flanders

Read the full review - Cleopatra, Northern Ballet, Sadler's Wells

Went to the opening of Northern Ballet's Cleopatra at Sadlers Wells last night and it was amazing! If u get a chance go see it a real treat

Craig Revel-Horwood

@CraigRevHorwood via Twitter

Well northern ballets cleopatra was astounding - sexy, emotional and a true spectacle - incredible original score too! #inaweoftruetalent

Lorraine Kelly

@reallorraine via Twitter

The #NorthernBallet's rendition of Cleopatra was utterly amazing, so beautiful so intese, so epic. Such an amazing night :) xoxox

Chloe Moretz

@ChloeGMoretz via Twitter

@northernballet @GrandOperaHouse amazing and beautiful performance. Good to see you back in Belfast

Nicola Connorvia Twitter

@lifeinpyjamas via Twitter

Beautiful production. I absolutely loved it! xx

Karen O'Rawe via Twitter

ClassyGenes on Twitter

Jaw-dropping performance from Northern Ballet last night - Cleopatra earns a standing ovation on its opening performance.

Belfast Grand Opera House

Belfast Grand Opera House on Facebook

20:36 - @northernballet just seen the first half of cleopatra in milton keynes. Outstanding can't wait for the curtain to raise again. #edgeofseat 22:04 - @northernballet 2nd half even better. A truly spectacular performance by all. Back by amazing set & lighting.Thanks to all for a great night

David Stimson via Twitter

@DSPconsulting via Twitter

If you get the chance go and see the Northern Ballet's "Cleopatra" - great choreography and sublime and haunting music. Highly recommended

Mike Daniels via Twitter

ethicalmoney (Mike Daniels) on Twitter

You will be as mesmerised as Julius Caesar, as beguiled as Mark Anthony by this production!

Maggie Constable

Read the full review - Public Reviews - Cleopatra at Milton Keynes Theatre

would like to mention that Tobias Batley was fantastic as Mark Anthony in Cleopatra @northernballet at the Milton Keynes Theatre last night

Ian Brown

TheatreLuvvie via Twitter

**** ...gripping entertainment... Northern Ballet's corps play multiple Roman and Egyptian roles with their customary pizzazz: this is a company which always gives 100 per cent.

Rupert Christiansen - The Mail on Sunday

just got home after watching @northernballet production of Cleopatra - I have to say it is now one of my top 5 ballets I've ever seen


@marchia43 via Twitter

Striking a balance between traditional and contemporary ballet, it has something for every ballet lover and is also a perfect introduction for any adult new to the art form...

Jacqui Onions

Read the full review - The Public Reviews - Cleopatra, New Theatre, Cardiff

After seeing the production of Cleopatra at the New Theatre Cardiff last night, I simply had to find you and say thank you for such a beautifully emotive performance. It truly was an amazingly told story, with fantastic dancers and breathtakingly beautiful choreography. It had strength, it had depth, it had passion... it simply had everything, and it was a journey I would not have missed for the world. Thank you again xxx

Claire Hughes via Facebook

@northernballet Loved it. So sensual and exotic, whole production mesmerised me

Rhian Lewis

@Rhi_DancerGuide on Twitter

"Martha Leebolt, as Cleopatra has regal presence and dances elegantly..."

David Dougill - The Sunday Times (Culture section - 6 March 2011)

"...Cleopatra is a stunner." - "...the audience loved every minute of it." - "Melodies, rhythm and rich orchestrations flesh out the emotions flying around our heads and hearts." - "Nixon's gripping vignette of [Mark Antony's] heartrending conflict when condemned to kill himself is a sequence of pure dance magic."

Jeffrey Taylor - The Sunday Express (6 March, 2011)

...It looks ravishing... Nixonís choreography is accomplished.

Deborah Craine - The Times (1 March, 2011)

Even in ensemble pieces choreography is tight and challenging, showing the company at its best.

Ann Beedham - The Star, Sheffield

Read the full review - Review: Cleopatra - The Lyceum

***** Staggeringly immense creative talents here combine to generate a masterpiece that is even greater than the sum of its extraordinary parts.

Justine Blundell - The Edinburgh Guide

Read the full review - Cleopatra, Festival Theatre, Review

***** - Composer Claude-Michel SchŲnberg matches Nixon every step of the way, with a score that conveys drama, conflict and love in equal measure.

Kelly Apter - The Scotsman

Read the full review - Dance review: Northern Ballet - Cleopatra

David Nixonís new Cleopatra ... is a bold and beguiling move in a totally fresh direction.

Mery Brennan - The Herald, Scotland

Read the full review - Cleopatra, Edinburgh Festival Theatre

...and then the music started and Cleopatra came on and et tu Brute, I was hooked.

Rose George - Culture Vultures

Read the full review - Northern Balletís Cleopatra

This week their Premier of Cleopatra was a new world to be entered; a new world that I always believe, in this genre, means a risk. The risk paid off.

Tamsyn O'Connor

Read the full review - A Lady called Cleopatra - a Dance Phenomenon called Northern Ballet

Absolutely loved cleopatra, it's touring soon, go & watch! Northern Ballet.

LynnThornhill - via Twitter


Cleopatra is ASTOUNDING ! Congratulations Northern Ballet - superb. Get a ticket now...

lizgreenlive - via Twitter


Wow.Really enjoyed @northernballet's sizzling Cleopatra-sexy physical dancing & I thought Martha Leebolt was fab in the title role.Go see!

lexymarkham - via Twitter


@northernballet #cleopatra is powerful stuff,Martha leebolt & Tobias Batley both particularly good. Another Yorkshire triumph! #hometourist

rachelandcouk - via Twitter


Fantastic time last night @northernballet for Cleopatra - just beautiful... Friend was first time ballet attender and was hypnotised

LizzieRFR - via Twitter


#cleopatra @northernballet amazing. The music, the dancing, the choreography, the calf muscles...

janeydodge - via Twitter


Great show - LOVED it! :-)

Su Harrison - via Facebook

Couldn't agree more: beautiful, powerful, and one for the repertoire long term, I hope!

Annalisa Mather - via Facebook

Saw Cleopatra last night, fantastic doesn't cover it... The music, dancing, costumes etc were all spot on. Easily the best ballet I've seen so far, loved it - thanks for a great Saturday night!

Philip Webb - via Facebook

I think the write up for the critics and press will be a tuff call, you can only write, Fantastic, creative, spectacular, fabulous and stunning so many time in a article, This piece for me has put up the flag of Northern Ballet to say, we have arrived and we are here to stay. If you like dance at all then it is well worth a visit, see this link Michelle Finlay I can only echo what's been said so far already.Cleopatra was a triumph!!!Red hot,Sexy, Passionate,Captivating.A Visual treat and breathtaking at times.I felt privileged to have been amongst the first to see it.Simply Stunning!!!!!Congratulations to all involved with this production.Long May you rein.

Harry Wells - via Facebook

Bravo for Cleopatra, a triumph, masterpiece. Stunning in every aspect, Dancing, costumes, lighting, music it's all amazing. Well done.

Stuart Rhodes - via Facebook

Brilliant , Excellent , what a beautiful production by David Nixon and his amazing dancers, the music fits perfectly and just stunning how lucky Leeds is to have this company as its home, well done Northern Ballet Company Lynsey Haigh One of the best performances I have seen in years, loved every minute

Diane John - via Facebook

In Northern Ballet's new production, there are touches of pageantry, some strong performances and fluent designs...

ZoŽ Anderson - The Independent

Read the full review - Cleopatra, Grand Theatre

This production is as much Schonbergís triumph as Nixon and Leeboltís, and the contributions of designer Christopher Giles and lighting designer Tim Mitchell to this epic conceit are important too.

Charles Hutchinson - The Press, York

Read the full review - The Press (York), Cleopatra, Northern Ballet

David Nixonís new ballet about the Serpent of the Nile provides a perfect role for the newly-crowned queen of classical ballet, Martha Leebolt.

Neil Norman - The Stage

Read the full review - The Stage, Cleopatra

Martha Leebolt won a National Dance Award in 2010 and it is easy to see why: she is a wonderfully eloquent, intelligent performer, who tackles her role with complete assurance.

Laura Thompson - The Telegraph

Read the full review - Cleopatra, Northern Ballet, Leeds Grand Theatre

One of several intelligent choices made by choreographer David Nixon is to define his own narrative terrain

Judith Mackrell - The Guardian

Read the full review - Cleopatra - review

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