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Can students continue training with their own dance teachers if they become a Northern Ballet student?

Of course. All associate students must attend a regular dance teacher in order to be on the Northern Ballet Associate programme, which is an enhancement to their studies with their home teacher.

We encourage CAT students to continue their classes with their dance teacher as long as they can cope with the hours and they fit in around their schedule at Northern Ballet- especially classes in dance forms other than classical ballet – as this will enhance their studies. As the students progress on the programme their hours with the Academy will increase and so some students might have to cut down their hours elsewhere. We encourage students to stay in touch with their home dance school as much as possible, even if they have had to reduce their hours there. The Academy will continue to keep the students’ home schools updated on the student’s progress and invite them in to watch class. We like to work with dance teachers as closely as possible to keep them updated with the training the students are doing and always welcome teachers to come in a speak to us about the training.

Students on our Open Programme are welcome to continue their training with their own dance teacher on top of their training with Northern Ballet.