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Waddling Back to Leeds

Published on

Hello everybody, I'm back in Leeds after a very busy couple of weeks. I've been all over the North of England visiting schools, dance academies and theatres. I've never had so many snuggles!

Last week I was in Middlesbrough and Newcastle where I met over 400 children who all learnt steps from the ballet Ugly Duckling and danced them very well. On my way there I flew past the Angel of the North which was covered in the snow which made it look like a real angel.

I'm giving my wings a little rest this week and am spending some quality time back at the duck pond catching up with my friends and stocking up on bread crusts. Northern Ballet dancers are busy practising for when the Ugly Duckling tour starts on 12th March and I'm just so excited I could burst! But before then the dancers will be performing The Great Gatsby at Leeds Grand - I don’t think there are any ducks in that show but I'm sure it will be good anyway.

I'm off to Whitby on Monday so I'm off to dig out my bucket and spade. Quack quack!

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