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60 Seconds with... Ashley Dixon (2013)

Which roles do you play in The Great Gatsby?

Jay, Nick and Chester (Myrtle's apartment)

What have you enjoyed most about working on Gatsby?

It's been great to get back on stage this season after injury and what a production to come back to! It's has very in depth characters, which is what I always enjoy developing as we go through the season.

Describe your perfect night in...

Good food, nice bottle of wine with friends or, weather permitting, a BBQ (fingers crossed for good eather this year!)

...and your perfect night out?

Again, going out for food (I enjoy my food!) Especially great Chinese food.

What are you most looking forward to about the Mixed Programme this June?

I'm really looking forward to the whole programme. I'll be dancing in Angels in the Architecture. And what I've seen so far of the van Manen and Kenny's piece [Concertante and Luminous Junc•ture - Ed] they look great!

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