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60 seconds with... Hannah Bateman (2013)

What are you most looking forward to about the Mixed Programme?

Kenneth Tindall's new creation Luminous Junc•ture and Hans van Manen’s Concertante. It’s the best of both worlds: creating something from scratch and working on a piece that has existed for years under the guidance of Hans himself.

What has been the highlight of The Great Gatsby tour for you?

London! It was such a great way to end the Gatsby tour and exactly how Gatsby himself would have done it! I also loved creating a role (Jordan) and dancing Myrtle alongside Ben Mitchell’s Wilson.

Describe your perfect night in...

Great movie, comfort food, my soon to be husband and a cocktail (or two).

...and your perfect night out?

A group of good friends, a fabulous restaurant, drinks with a city view and a pair of red soled shoes.

Tell us a bit about The Ultimate Form and what did you enjoy most about working on the project?

Working with Kenny (Kenneth Tindall) again was inspiring and add Linder Sterling in to the mix - it was life changing. That sounds a bit much but it really was. Linder and Kenny are great artists and truly open-minded. They connected so beautifully that it really fed us as dancers and the whole experience was truly collaborative.

Linder made me understand that art in any form is not about the end product - it’s all that comes before that. She made us acknowledge the now and the journey that creation takes you on, and the end product or in our case the performance was the culmination of that journey.

Linder and Kenny reminded me that it doesn’t all hang on the opening night. If it feels right and you believe in your work and it is honest then that is all you need, nothing else. And quite frankly dancing under a Matisse was insane and mind blowing! 

Northern Ballet’s next ballet especially for children will be Three Little Pigs and you will be collaborating with Victoria Sibson to choreograph the ballet. Are you looking forward to starting work on Three Little Pigs?

Definitely. I am excited to work with Vicky who I admire greatly as an artist and I am also lucky to be able to call her a great friend. I am enjoying how completely overwhelming it is and I hope we get a lovely piece of work for children, but I intend to enjoy the process as a whole and hopefully everyone we work with will get something out of the work and enjoy it too.

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