60 seconds with... Jonathan Hanks

Tell us something about your home town.

The Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral was used as a location for 3 Harry Potter films -  The Philosopher’s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets and the Half-Blood Prince.

What keeps you motivated?

I love to watch YouTube clips of dancers in different companies around the world.

How do you like to relax?

Going to the cinema, eating out and socialising with friends.

What's your signature dish in the kitchen?

Apple Curry - the best recipe I've been taught - it’s really nice.

What book/story/movie would you like to see created into a ballet?

Harry Potter

What is your TV viewing guilty pleasure?

Eastenders, Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, X-Factor and The Only Way is Essex

What film always makes you cry?

The Titanic and Toy Story 3

If you could have a Hollywood star best friend who would it be and why?

Johnny Depp as I just love the Jack Sparrow character he plays in Pirates of the Caribbean

Name a skill you’d like to learn?

I would like to be able to learn how to do a 540.


If you could time travel, where and when would you go and why?

Back to The Royal Ballet School in Richmond Park as this holds lots of special memories for me.

Name one place in the world you haven’t been to but would like to go to and what would you do there?

Las Vegas, not for the gambling, just for the experience as everyone says how amazing it is.

What piece of advice would you pass on to your 16 year old self?

Always be true to yourself, not worry about what people think and follow your dreams.

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