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60 seconds with... Kevin Poeung (2013)

Kevin Poeung. Photo Simon Lawson.

When did you join Northern Ballet?

I joined in 2012 as an Apprentice half way through my third year at school.

How have you found your first year with the Company?

I have had a pretty good year with Northern Ballet – it’s been amazing. 

Beast [in Beauty & the Beast] has been the most physically challenging role – it is not like dancing a human role, you have to really find the animal nature of the role so it has been interesting to work in different postures.

Working on Kenny’s [Kenneth Tindall] piece Luminous Junc•ture was a completely different experience. It is very different from the style of The Great Gatsby and the other Northern Ballet productions that I have worked on. Kenny is a great choreographer.

How are you finding taking on the role of Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

We have been rehearsing for two weeks now and it is hard!

Northern Ballet roles are very different with the narrative strand, not as traditional as others. There is a lot for men to do. Here even the corps de ballet do main roles as well as the principals which gives room for younger dancers to have opportunities to perform tougher roles. Working with David [Northern Ballet Artistic Director David Nixon OBE] is a great experience.

The other dancers have so much experience and they are great at helping the younger ones with certain roles and giving tips. It is usually afterwards that I really think about the character – I am initially more concerned about the technique.

Hiro [Hironao Takahashi, who will play Oberon] is ... wow! He has been here for years and he can still do anything and everything. I don’t know how he does it... he is a machine.

As a ‘dance-actor’, how have you found the acting element of the job?

It’s a challenge. I am not as comfortable with acting and showing different emotions but I am getting quite used to it now with the various opportunities that I have been given.

Working with Pat [Patricia Doyle] was amazing – she makes everything so clear and detailed. Even in the big scenes everyone had a character or a story to play with which really helps. If you don’t know who you’re supposed to be it makes things really difficult.

Have you enjoyed touring?

Touring has been great. I have loved being able to see different parts of the country and different theatres and different audiences.

What would be your dream role to dance in the future?

I don’t know what role I would really like to dance – I guess anything that they are happy to throw at me and that I think I can handle!

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