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60 seconds with... Victoria Sibson

Victoria Sibson. Photo Simon Lawson.

In a nutshell describe your job and how you got into it.

I'm a soloist dancer with the company, touring around the UK, performing the varying repertoire we have. I started dancing when I was about 7 when I joined a local dance school and was involved in regional and national dance competitions. At 16 I went to Central School of Ballet in London where I trained for 3 years before joining the Company in 2003!

Where can you be found when you’re not at Northern Ballet?

Well, normally at home relaxing in front of a film with my husband and a nice meal.

Which is your favourite Northern Ballet production and why?

It’s hard to say which is my favourite – there are a few! I’ve always loved the story of Dangerous Liaisons, but getting to dance with my husband (Northern Ballet dancer Darren Goldsmith) in Hamlet as Gertrude and Claudius was wonderful. Creating a role like Myrtle in Gatsby was fun (and I loved her costumes) but getting to perform such a classic as Romeo & Juliet with such history and dramatic music was amazing too. It’s very hard to pinpoint one!

If you weren’t a Dancer what would you be?

Sometimes I’d like to think something sporty – I loved swimming and netball – but actually maybe a specialist baker/ sugar paste modeller?!

Who would play you in a film of your life?

Well, going by hair colour alone either Julia Roberts or maybe even Isla Fisher, for her personality too!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Over the years so many people have said so many things...

  • Dance like no-one is watching
  • Do something new every day
  • Live every day to its fullest name a few!

What song will always get you dancing?

It would probably always have to be some kind of Elton John piece – either Bennie & the Jets or I’m Still Standing

What scares you?

Apart from spiders – fog whilst driving!

What would be your Mastermind specialist subject?

Probably what it has been for a while – Friends of course!!

What do you want to do before you die?

As much as I can! Travel as far as possible, have a family, eat different and exotic food and maybe try extreme activities such as bungee jump / canyon swing. Who knows?!

It’s your dream dinner party – which six people (dead or alive) would you invite?

I always have difficulty when people ask me this question. I would have to say:

  • Bernadette Peters
  • Barbara Streisand
  • Robin Williams
  • Ian McKellen
  • Dita Von Teese
  • Margot Fonteyn

Describe yourself in three words?

Quirky, indecisive and caring.

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