Gloria was originally created by Kenneth MacMillan for The Royal Ballet in 1980.

Inspired by Vera Brittain’s wartime memoir Testament of Youth, in which the author laments the sacrifice of her fiancé and brother during World War I, the book resonated with MacMillan whose father fought at the Battle of the Somme.

A haunting tribute to the fallen, Gloria depicts the futility and brutality of war in a piece made all the more painful by contrasting moments recalling happier times of hopeful joy.

Production Credits
Staged by
Diana Curry
Designer Andy Klunder
Lighting Designer John B. Read
Music Francis J.M. Poulenc Gloria in G Minor

Ed. Salabert, Paris (Universal Music Publishing Group)
By arrangement with G. Ricordi and Co (London) Ltd.

(Approx. running time 25 minutes)