The cast of characters in A Midsummer Night's Dream and their relationships...

Kevin Poeung as Puck. Photos Emma Kauldhar.

Robin Puck

The Ballet Master in the real world and in the dream, mischievous Puck uses a magical juice to weave a tangled web of love.

Kenneth Tindall as Lysander. Photos Emma Kauldhar.

Lysander, a Principal Dancer

Lysander is in love with Hermia, as she is with him. In the dream Puck pours love juice into his eyes, causing him to fall instantly in love with Hermia’s best friend, Helena.

Kenneth Tindall as Demetrius. Photos Emma Kauldhar.

Demetrius, a Principal Dancer

Demetrius is also in love with Hermia, although she doesn’t care about him. At all. He rejects the advances of Helena, but the tables are turned in the dream as he becomes infatuated with her thanks to Puck’s love juice.

Martha Leebolt as Hermia. Photos Emma Kauldhar.

Hermia, a Principal Dancer

Hermia is adored by both Lysander, who she also loves, and Demetrius, who she hates. In the dream she is ignored as both men fall for Helena.

Pippa Moore as Helena. Photos Emma Kauldhar.

Helena, a Principal Dancer

Helena is in love with Demetrius, who rejects her advances. In the dream, Puck’s magical juice causes both Lysander and Demetrius to become infatuated with her.

Hironao Takahashi as Oberon/Theseus. Photos Emma Kauldhar & Merlin Hendy.

Oberon/Theseus, Artistic Director

Theseus is in love with Hippolyta. He wants her to retire so they can marry, but she refuses. In the dream he becomes Oberon, King of the Fairies, and sends Puck to punish her for leaving him.

Antoinette Brooks-Daw & Keiko Amemori as Titania/Hippolyta. Photos Emma Kauldhar & Merlin Hendy.

Titania/Hippolyta, the Prima Ballerina

Hippolyta is torn between her love for Theseus and her love of dancing. In the dream she becomes Titania, Queen of the Fairies, and under Puck’s spell she falls for the donkey, Bottom.

Darren Goldsmith as Nick Bottom. Photos Emma Kauldhar.

Nick Bottom

Bottom is the company carpenter and has a crush on Hippolyta. In the dream Puck transforms him into a donkey and makes Titania fall deliriously in love with him.