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David Nixon, OBE – Choreographer & Costume Design
Choreographer & Costume Design
David Nixon, OBE
Patricia Doyle – Co-direction
Patricia Doyle
Duncan Hayler – Set design
Set design
Duncan Hayler
John Longstaff – Music arranger
Music arranger
John Longstaff

Full production credits for A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Production management

  • Tim Anger
  • John Kearney


  • Topshow
  • Peter Deacon
  • Jon Moorhouse
  • John Scattergood

Decorators & painters

  • Ali Allen
  • Dave Gillan
  • Kathy Stewart
  • Sarah East
  • Sarah Worral

Prop makers & finders

  • Ali Allen
  • Northern Ballet Stage Management

Assistant Box Model maker

  • Tony White

Costume supervisor

  • Kim Brassley
    • assisted by Beth Socks

Ladies' dresses, nightwear & underwear

  • Julie Anderson
    • assisted by Sarah Anderson with the help of their staff at Limited Editions, Leeds

Oberon, Puck & male fairies

  • Phil Reynolds and Amanda Hall

Titania & female fairies

  • Sasha Keir with Larraine Ebdon
  • Piera Buckland
  • Genevieve Bennett

Printing & dyeing

  • Nicola Killeen


  • Jane Smith


  • Naomi Parker


  • Barry Thewlis

In-house dyeing

  • Beth Socks

In-house making

  • Linda Bennett
  • Kim Brassley
  • Lorna Clayton
  • Laura O'Connor
  • Mikhaila Pye
  • Beth Socks

Wigs & make-up supervisor

  • Alex Scott