Academy Applications and Auditions

Information for 2019/20 will be announced soon

Closing date for applications is 26 February 2018 except for the Easter and Summer schools. Closing date for vocational students applying for the Easter Course is 9 March 2018 / Summer School is 11 May 2018.

Please enclose the correct photographs with your application

All photographs in bare feet and either leotard & tights or vest & shorts.

  • All Courses Associates, CAT, Easter Course, and Summer School (Intermediate and Senior)
    • Facing to the back, feet together (parallel, bare feet)
    • Facing forwards – tendu in second (bare feet)
    • Rise on demi-pointe in second (bare feet)
  • Easter and Summer School Senior level (vocational students)
    Please provide the photos listed under All Courses above and
    • Second arabesque in profile, en pointe
    • Développé à la seconde, en pointe

International applicants should submit a DVD, YouTube or Vimeo link for audition. Please contact the Academy for DVD requirements.

Download Application Form

Download the Summer School Application Form

Professional Graduate Programme

Applications are now open for our Professional Graduate Programmefind out more.

Audition dates

Dates will be announced shortly.

Audition fees

£30 fee to audition per person. You may select more than one programme for this fee.

CAT audition fee waiver

Fee waiver form

The Academy of Northern Ballet’s Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme aims to support talented children and young people from all backgrounds to access our training. We understand that audition costs are prohibitive for some families and therefore we encourage these families to apply for the CAT audition fee waiver.

How to apply

If you would like to audition for our CAT programme but need financial support towards the cost of the audition please see the following information.

  • Our fee waiver works on a means tested basis that follows the CAT grant income brackets set by the Department for Education
  • Families on a combined household income of £30,227 or less will be eligible for the fee waiver
  • Parents may be asked to supply evidence of their income to support their application
  • If you would like to apply for the fee waiver please download and complete the fee waiver application form. Waiver forms should be submitted alongside the audition form.
  • Please note, our waiver application deadline is on 12 February. Although our audition applications close on 26 February we use this time to process the waiver applicants.

What happens after I apply for a fee waiver?

  • Applications will be processed on 12 February 2018. Fee waivers are awarded using a priority grading according to the criteria they meet (based on your financial income). Once we have processed all waiver applications, you will be emailed if successful or unsuccessful. You should apply with an application as normal, without enclosing the fee. If successful we will pay your fee and you will not need to make a payment. If unsuccessful we will notify you the details of when we need to receive your payment.
Wed 27 Jun 2018
Back by popular demand we have a number of additional Over 55s and Adult Drop-in classes taking place over summer. …
Tue 1 May 2018
Former Northern Ballet Soloist Jessica Morgan will run a four week course, ‘BarreFit – Get fit for the Summer’ adult class. …
Mon 30 Apr 2018
This August, the Academy of Northern Ballet’s International Senior Summer School gives participants an invaluable insight into the life of a professional dancer. …