Our Home

At the Academy of Northern Ballet, we’re excited to welcome you into our fantastic home on Quarry Hill.

Purpose built to house the Company and the Academy, all the facilities at Northern Ballet are state-of-the-art. We have some of the biggest studios to dance in outside of London!

There is a fully equipped studio theatre, 7 studios, changing facilities and a café. You’ll feel like the Academy is a home-from-home, somewhere you can embrace your creativity in this warm and welcoming environment.

And with the professional dancers training just next door, you’ll feel that bit closer to the stage.

‘Our building is a centre of excellence for dance in the North of England, a place that will complement the best dance spaces and training schools in the UK.’

David Nixon OBE
Mon 25 Nov 2019
Mon 11 Nov 2019
Mon 8 Jul 2019
The CAT programme has been an amazing experience for me, to have such intensive training without moving away to ballet school…