You've Been Spotted!

Congratulations! If you are visiting this page it means that you have been given one of our golden tickets and ‘You’ve been Spotted’ cards from a professional dance artist at Northern Ballet.

This means that we think that you may have the talent and potential to excel in dance.

On this page you will find information on what to do next.

Spotted! workshops

Fill out the registration form attached to your Spotted! card to attend the FREE course of Spotted! weekly ballet classes running from February. These classes are completely free of charge and will give you the chance to develop your talent in dance further.

Frequently asked Questions

How much will it cost?

There is no charge to attend the Spotted! classes. All we would like is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Where are the classes?

All the classes are held in our beautiful dance studios in our award-winning home at Quarry Hill in Leeds (opposite the bus station).

How to find us

What will I have to wear?

For Spotted! classes you can wear anything that allows you to move freely in such as your PE kit or shorts and a t-shirt or dancewear if you have it.

What if I can't make the classes?

If you have other commitments on the day of the Spotted! classes please let us know by contacting the Academy office. 

What happens if I am late to class?

We understand you will be coming straight from school so someone will be in the foyer to take you to class if you are late.

Do you have a lot of boys?

Yes! Dance is as much for boys as it is for girls. Professional male dancers have to be as fit as Olympic athletes and have to be very, very strong.

We have a lot of boys training within the Academy and have a company of professional dancers which includes 20 male dancers.

Classes and Courses

Northern Ballet offers a range of different training programmes for young people aged 2 – 17 years.

If you have enjoyed the Northern Ballet workshop then you could start training with us on a weekly basis. You could start dancing as a hobby or if you think you might like to be a professional dancer when you are older you could think about auditioning for our Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme.

Here is a list of classes and courses that you might be interested in.

  • Academy of Northern Ballet Classes
    • Open to all students aged 2-16. No audition necessary just an interest in dance. You just need to fill in a registration and send it back to us.
    • Classes cost between £4 and £6 per week depending on standard.
    • Funded places are available for each class but are limited so please call the Academy office to discuss this – 0113 220 8000.
  • Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme in classical ballet
    • This course is open to students aged 10-17 and is a professional training programme for students who show exceptional potential in dance.
    • Students train will us for a minimum of 8 hours a week - after school and at the weekends.
    • The average timetable in the first year is as follows...
      Tuesday 17.00-19.30
      Thursday 17.00-19.30
      Saturday 11.00-18.00
    • The course is funded by the Department for Education and fully funded places are available as well as bursaries for uniform and travel.
    • Students have to audition for this course but no previous dance experience is necessary.

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