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Drawing Contest

The drawing contest for Leeds is over, we'll be choosing a winner on 9 December and showing it here early the following week. Thank you to everyone for entering! We've really enjoyed looking at all the entries zand you can still sending in your drawings and we'll show some of them here.

Here are a few of the entries we've had so far presented in no particular order. Send in your drawings* (download the drawing sheet) and we may show it on this page too!

Drawn by Isaac, age 7 Drawn by Lisa, age 12 Drawn by Sophie, age 10
Drawn by Alicja, age 7 Drawn by Charlotte, age 9 Drawn by Charlotte, age 8
Drawn by Chloe, age 11 Drawn by Edgar, age 14 Drawn by Elisa, age 7
Drawn by Emily, age 9 Drawn by Erin, age 8 Drawn by Eva , age 9
Drawn by Heather, age 14 Drawn by Katie, age 8 Drawn by Rosa, age 7
Drawn by Samual, age 10 Drawn by Scarlett, age 6 Drawn by Freyja, age 4
Drawn by Clarrie, age 10 Drawn by Evie, age 3 Drawn by Abigail - age 7
Drawn by Eve - age 7 Drawn by Charlie - age 8 Drawn by Beatrice - age 2 (with a little help)
Drawn by Ellie - age 7 A three-eyed beastie drawn by Freya - age 3 Drawn by Georgina - age 10
Drawn by Cinnamon - age 7 Drawn by Lily - age 5; Drawn by Hannah - age 6

*We cannot guarantee to display all drawings send and we regret we cannot return the drawings afterwards.


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