Chiara Dollorenzo

Dance Education Intern

I originally trained in Milan with Walter Venditti, and in Rome with Ivana Gattei, before graduating in 2004 with an MA in Choreography from Middlesex University, where I went on to work as lecturer and module leader in choreography and performance. I have always believed in the artistic, social, and educational values of the art of dance, which is why in 2010 I decided to work in community settings, in Germany, Austria, Romania, South Africa, Portugal and Italy. In 2013 I founded the non-profit association Barriere al Vento in Italy, working with people of all ages, abilities and social and economic backgrounds. I also hold a BA Foreign Languages with Literatures from Università del Salento.

Following this challenging and enriching journey, I returned to the UK and was given the opportunity to join the Learning Department at Northern Ballet as an Intern. I am sure that being in such a vibrant environment will allow me to continue learning, enhance my knowledge and experience and will inspire my future practice as a community dance artist.