Dominique Drillot

Lighting Designer

Dominique Drillot was born in Tours, France in 1959. He studied Fine Arts at the Beaux-Arts in Tours while, at the same time, working as Assistant Director, Stage and Accessories. In 1987 he created his first stage design for Jean-Christophe Maillot’s Thème et 4 Variations and has collaborated with Maillot regularly since on Le Jardin Jeux d’Amour, Ubuhuha, Lueur d’Amour, Vers un Pays Sage, Recto Verso, Bêtes Noires, Home Sweet Home, Dov’e la Luna, Duo d’Anges, Concert d’Anges, Romeo and Juliet, IÎle, Cinderella, Casse-Noisette Circus, Opus 40, Entrelacs, Oeil pour Oeil, La Belle, Men’s Dance, D’une rive à l’autre, Les Noces, Miniatures and Le Songe. He has also worked with other choreographers and artists including: Ramon Oller, Bruno Jacquin, Graham Lustig, Conny Jansen, Ted Brandsen and Josette Baiz.

Drillot has been invited to work with Ballet du Nord, Rome Opera Ballet, Lyon Opera Ballet, the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, Stuttgart Ballet, Ballet British Columbia, Introdans and has regularly collaborated with Les Ballets de Monte Carlo as both Director and Lighting Designer.

In Monaco he has also created lighting for Bertrand d’At, Renato Zanella, Serge Bennathan, John Alleyne, Itzik Galili and Lucinda Childs. In the Netherlands he has worked with Ed Wubbe, Gian Franco Paoluzzi, Ginette Laurin, Tom Wiggers, Heinz Spoerli, Nils Christie, Kirsten Debroek and Miriam Dietrich.

In October 2004, Drillot was officially appointed as Professior of Scenography at the Ecole Supérieure des Beux-Arts of Monaco.