Sebastian Loe

Sebastian Loe

Sebastian was born in London and trained at the Royal Ballet School. He joined Northern Ballet in 2004 and retired from the Company after the run of The Nutcracker in early 2016.

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Favourite roles

Fritz & Chinese doll, The Nutcracker; ‘Girl Crazy’, I Got Rhythm; Michael, Peter Pan; Pierre, La Traviata; Renfield, Dracula;

Career highlights

Getting a place at the Royal Ballet Upper School.

Where were you born and raised?


Where did you do your dance training?

Royal Ballet School

When did you join Northern Ballet?


What made you want to be a dancer?

I always had a natural urge to move to music.

Who are your artistic influence or heroes?

Michael Jackson

Describe your perfect Sunday morning

Stepping out of bed on to a sandy beach into tropical waters would be nice.

What would your luxury item on a desert Island be?

A surf board.

What are your favourite places in Yorkshire?

The Reliance Restaurant. Roundhay Park on a sunny day.