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Cleopatra announcement (2010)

Published on Thursday 19 August, 2010

What do Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Catrall, Angelina Jolie, Claude Michel Schonberg and David Nixon OBE have in common? Just the most powerful woman in history: Cleopatra.

Elizabeth Taylor famously portrayed her in the 1962 film Cleopatra; Kim Catrall of Sex & the City fame will take on the role atthe Liverpool Playhouse in Anthony and Cleopatra in October; rumours abound that Angelina Jolie will star in a new historical biography, based on book by Stacy Schiff; and now composer Claude Michel Schonberg and NBT’s Artistic Director, David Nixon, have turned their hands to telling her story through dance.

It does seem that Cleopatra is the woman of the moment. Her appeal is obvious – her beauty, her intelligence, her power and strength of character have made her an icon who continues to captivate.

In this new ballet, Cleopatra, his first new work in two years, David Nixon is keen to do her justice.

"I have been fascinated by the story of Cleopatra for a long time. There is little factual information about her yet she managed to hold in her grasp two of the most powerful men in history. She was in some ways beautiful and unbelievably sensual for the almost barbaric Romans but she was also a woman, mother and above all a queen."

Claude Michel Schonberg, who is best known for composing Les Miserables and Miss Saigon, has composed the music for the ballet, and you will be able to hear some of it on this site shortly – watch this space.

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