Talking pointe with Kimberley Hattersley-Barton

Published on Friday 27 October, 2017

Kimberley Hattersley-Barton attends our Academy Open Classes and is a Patron of Northern Ballet. Here she gives her insight into preparing the perfect pointe shoe.

What make are your pointe shoes?

I wear Bloch’s Serenade pointe shoes in size 4. I don’t have them specifically made for me but they have to be professionally fitted at my local dance shop.

How long does it take you to prepare a pair of shoes?

It will take me about an hour to sew the pair of shoes to how I feel comfortable in them.

It takes me a while to sew everything as I have the mark out where the ribbons and elastics are going to be sewn, and I also double the thread up to make them long lasting.

Kimberley Hattersley-Barton, Patron of Northern Ballet who regularly attends Academy Open Classes at Northern Ballet.
When do you prepare your pointe shoes?

I rarely have to get new shoes so I can prepare the new pair at leisure prior to the class I need them for.  

How long does each pair of shoes tend to last you?

For me because I use them so little and how they naturally get broken in during lessons, one pair would last me around a year, being in use for 30 minutes in weekly lessons.

They will get more visual wear and tear to the platform if I’m wearing them for rehearsals for a section in a show.

What else do you want to say about your pointe shoes?

For me personally they’re very special to me, my ambition from starting dance at a young age was to be able to dance on pointe.

I have 4 pairs currently and each one reminds me of different memories, from my first pair being used in the beginner’s class, to my others having danced different parts in various shows.

I keep them hooked on display and see them as achievements of what I’ve been able to accomplish as well as the different things I’ve been able to develop and do in them as a dancer.

Kimberley is supporting our 2017 Pointe Shoe Appeal. See how our professional dancers prepare their pointe shoes and how you can help them to find their feet on our national tour.


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