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Swapping ballet shoes for running trainers

Published on Friday 28 March, 2014

Christopher Hinton-Lewis, Guest Ballet Master and ex Northern Ballet dancer, is running the London Marathon on the 13 April in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Between rehearsals for the current tour I asked him a few questions about  why he is running and how the training was going.

 What inspired you to run a marathon?

 It’s been a life long goal of mine to compete in the London marathon and after retiring I decided that it was about time I entered.

Is this your first marathon?

Yes, although I have completed three half marathons already. I’ve also entered myself stupidly in 2 further marathons this year, Edinburgh and York. I’ll also be running in the Leeds and Wolverhampton half marathons with my sister.  So if you fancy joining me for any of those your more than welcome.

Why did you decide to run for The Multiple Sclerosis Society?

A close friend of my mother's suffers from this neuromuscular disease and this is my way of supporting her. It's been surprising how many people have are affected by this in one way or another.

How is the training going? What has been the biggest challenge?

Training is going well and well on target. Touchwood but there has been no major problems as such. The biggest difficulty has been the weather. Its not much fun being blown all over the place when you’re pounding the pavements.

Do you have a favourite/guilty treat after training?

After training I have my recovery protein shake and then a stretch. I’m really fond of biscuits and cakes. At the moment I’ve gone a bit old school and am indulging on bourbons and custard creams.

What is your favourite song to run to?

Anything. I really don’t have a favourite song, as I don’t always run with music.

Will you be dressing up in any crazy costumes for the race?

No….I think my bright orange vest is enough, unless some one sponsors me big or I’m pressured. But I really don’t fancy running in a tutu for 26 miles.

Any words of wisdom for anyone thinking of running a marathon?

Get yourself some decent trainers. Can’t express how important that is. Also look a head when running as looking down changes your posture and closes your airways resulting in the lungs from being unable to fully inflate.

It is such a great cause, if you are inspired to sponsor Christopher for the marathon, check out his fundraising page:

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