Good Advice to Be Precise

Published on Thursday 2 May, 2019

Lorianna Beale, a student in the Academy of Northern Ballet’s CAT Programme, shares her top tips for attending class. 

5 Top Pointes to Help You Thrive

1st  Pointe

My very first advice is to be friendly and kind to everyone. This way you make more friends and make them quickly. This will also help you work as a team because you do spend a lot of time together. Saying well done and encouraging each other is a great approach to have.

2nd  Pointe

The classes at Northern Ballet are very long so you want to have enough energy for the whole session. One way to do this is to have healthy snacks and food such as bananas or carrots and hummus. This will set you up for a good class.

3rd  Pointe

A very good tip is to listen and take on board corrections. Throughout class your teacher will tell you things you can improve and you must listen so you can do it next time. Even if it isn’t your correction, I found out you should still listen and practice it in case you did it too. Also, if you’re injured, still write things down that the teacher says to the class so when you join in again you know what to work on.

4th  Pointe

My 4th pointe is technical work such as posture, pointing feet, stretching and more! Try to get into the habit of doing these things all the way through class because you’ll improve quicker.

5th  Pointe

The last but not the least pointe is to smile, have confidence and enjoy dancing. You can forget about this very easily but you do need to try and remember. As Mrs Yoko quoted: ‘Stay positive, to stay inspired.’

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