Kimberley's Pointe Shoes

Published on Thursday 14 December, 2017

Inspired by our Pointe Shoe Appeal and latest world première The Little Mermaid, Patron of Northern Ballet Kimberley Hattersley-Barton has been busy creating her very own pair of Mermaid themed shoes.

The early stages

'Before I start decorating any pointe shoes I like to gather all my materials together and make a rough drawing of what I plan the end design to look like.

For this particular pair I made use of a beautiful aqua sea blue dye, and varied materials including fabric, gems, beads, ribbons, trims and shells to create that underwater look.'

Dying the pointes shoes

'To make the finishing touches I glued on tiny sequin stars to represent star fish dancing around the mermaid shell tail, as well as spraying a little sparkle.'

Personalising the shoes

'It’s always interesting to compare finished pointe shoes with my initial drawings, and to see how ideas develop along the way.

It took just over 12 hours to sew, glue and embellish all the components and create this dazzling pair.'

The finished shoes

If you’re passionate about pointes why not make your very own splash and donate to our appeal today.