Dancing up some air miles

Published on Monday 14 July, 2014

While we've been in the office enjoying the sunshine in Leeds over the last few weeks our dancers have been racking up some air miles during their well-deserved summer holiday. So where do dancers jet off to rest their legs and work on their tans? We asked some of them to let us in on their plans.

This summer you are most likely to spot a Northern Ballet dancer in...ITALY!

Italy seems to be a hotspot for our dancers this summer with Lucia Solari, Joseph Taylor, Nicola Gervasi and Kevin Poeung, to name just a few, spending at least part of their summer break in the country. A special mention and congratulations has to go out to Luisa Rocco who got married in Italy this summer too.

The beaches are beckoning in...EGYPT & PORTUGAL!

Matthew Topliss, Abigail Prudames and Isaac Lee-Baker headed to the beaches of Egypt this summer whilst Matthew Broadbent, Jessica Morgan and Sean Bates stayed a little closer to home enjoying the golden sands in Portugal.

The city slickers are heading to...GERMANY & USA!

Both Lucia Solari and Isadora Valero Meza also spent time in Hamburg over the summer where the the country must be enjoying its World Cup success this morning. Over the Atlantic, Javier Torres has been making the most of his holiday enjoy the sights and sounds of Miami and Las Vegas.

The getaway Queen award goes to...ABIGAIL PRUDAMES!

As well as relaxing in Egypt, Abigail has travelled more than 7,500 miles to spend part of her summer in Bali (we're not jealous at all!)! The runner-up is Dreda Blow who has travelled almost 6,000 miles to Thailand, and Isadora Valero Meza takes the bronze medal after returning home to Venezuela.

The getaway King award goes to...MATTHEW BROADBENT!

Matthew will be visiting an impressive four destinations this summer, jetting off to the USA, Canada, France and Portugal! Kevin Poeung comes a close second after soaking up the sun and culture in France, Venice and Morocco.

Unfortunately though the holidays are nearly over for our dancers and this time next week we'll be welcoming the Company back into the studios, rested, rejuvinated and tanned, to begin rehearsals for Dracula. So wherever you are this summer have a fantastic time and we look forward to seeing you at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in September.

[VIDEO Find out how dancers maintain their fitness over the summer... ~Ed]

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