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When Hawksworth Wood Primary came to Northern Ballet

Published on Monday 20 December, 2010

Hawksworth Wood PrimaryHawksworth Wood Primary were the first school to come and visit us for a creative workshop in our new building. The workshop consisted of different elements such as a warm up, learning dance steps, creating their own sequences and performing the pieces. 20 students from Year 6 took part and judging by their feedback they thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s what they had to say:

"When we arrived we were met by Sophie and Mischa. First we travelled up the floors and on the way we also got the privilege to watch from a window and see some dancers from all over the world practising stretching on the barres, (AMAZING!) After that we had an astonishing workshop, (dancing.) THE BEST HOUR OF MY LIFE!!! Some boys think ballet is for girls but it’s really not! First we learnt a little routine that everyone enjoyed. Soon after Sophie put some music on and we performed our routine. Next we got into pairs and produced a routine with some of the great moves we had practised.

Hawksworth Wood PrimaryThey were all astonishing, some very athletic some very skilful ones! When Sophie told us the workshop was over we all sort of went ohhh, what a day so fantastic – but it wasn’t over yet!

Just to top this outstanding day off we got to see some of the best ballet dancers in the whole world! We entered the studio extremely quietly and sat down on a long wooden bench, behind us what we leaned on was a mirror, so that the ballet dancers could see the shape what they was performing. The dancers were practising for the Nutcracker – there were two pairs practising and another man sat watching, but he was a dancer as well. Some of the moves they did were like impossible for us to do! The feeling was indescribable knowing that we were watching some of the best dancers in the world! What a great experience!"

Hawksworth Wood Primary"The perfect ballerinas danced and twirled as elegantly as a bird swaying in the breeze!!! If I dreamt about going there a million times, I would watch all Northern Ballets performances!!!"

"I dream that I could be taught Ballet – it was majestic [so elegant]! The best time of my life was when I saw these dancers – I was seriously inspired."

"She looked as if she was a plain white fairy dancing to freedom. The unbelievable part was when she was spinning on her toes! However this Chinese man jumped in with imposing skills showing off how good he is!"

"We then got the privilege to enter the amazing studio where we got to see the professional dancers from all around the world, performing their rehearsals- for their show The Nutcracker!"

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