Former Premier Dancer Pippa Moore takes on new role

Published on Monday 30 September, 2019

This spring former Premier Dancer Pippa Moore retired from the stage after 26 years as a professional ballet dancer. She has now taken up a new role in the Company as Artistic and Learning Assistant.

As part of this role, Pippa is continuing her fantastic work with our Learning department, co-writing and delivering all of our Touch Tours for visually impaired patrons and audio descriptions in partnership with VocalEyes. This season Pippa will be live audio describing the revival of David Nixon’s Cinderella, where she created the iconic Stepmother role, offering a unique perspective in her descriptions and workshops.

Pippa shares more about her new role with Northern Ballet:

I spent 23 of my years as a professional dancer performing with Northern Ballet, becoming one of their Premier Dancers and their longest serving female artist.

Over such a long career I became emotionally invested in the Company’s vision as a whole. It was evident that there were many areas within the organisation, beyond the stage, that I found incredibly inspiring and could feed my creative soul long after I’d hung up my pointe shoes.


My role at Northern Ballet is now Artistic and Learning Assistant which sees me sharing my week between teaching in the Academy, coaching the company dancers, and continuing to develop my work with the Learning department, which I began two years ago working with visually impaired audiences.

Although Northern Ballet has provided audio described performances for many years, it wasn’t until 2017 that I was able to really understand and appreciate the power of this invaluable service.

Recovering from an injury, I had time to participate in the Touch Tour Insight workshops for visually impaired patrons held at the theatres before Audio Described performances.

I found these experiences transforming and was struck by the profound humanity of the interactions. This eventually led me to being trained and mentored by VocalEyes. I now lead the Touch Tour Insight workshops for every performance. I also write the audio description scripts for the productions and deliver them live during the performances, in conjunction with an audio describer from VocalEyes.

I feel very privileged to share the beauty and escapism of dance in this way, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of any additional needs they may have. What initially drew me to Northern Ballet long ago, was my love of narrative dance. It was the drama and emotion of portraying the ballet’s characters that captured my imagination and held my interest throughout an extensive career. I find I’m still telling stories now, maybe a little differently... but in an equally rewarding and fascinating way!

Although a huge part of my life came to a close this summer after leaving the stage, this isn’t exactly retirement and I’m happy to report that I haven’t had the time or inclination to be nostalgic about the past!

Right now, my only wish is to continue giving back and to share with you the magic of Northern Ballet.

To find out more about our upcoming audio described performances and Touch Tours, please visit our Events at the Theatre page, where you’ll also find other ways to get involved including the chance to watch company class, pre and post show discussions and open classes at our touring venues.

Photos Gavin Joynt & Emily Nuttall.