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Second Performance of Romeo & Juliet

Published on Sunday 2 January, 2011

Today, class was a little later but with more work to do to prepare a further cast of Romeo & Juliet plus two new casts for Madame Butterfly, the company were busy all day. This has been the busiest year in recent history for the Company with regards to the numbers of productions we have had in repertoire. Normally we would have five or six in any year but with the three overseas tours in 2010/11 it has been necessary to add A Christmas Carol and Madame Butterfly that were not part of the UK repertoire to allow for shipping time as well as meeting the particular requests of the overseas promoters.

John Pryce-Jones (Music Director) continued his quest with the orchestra rehearsing them for Madame Butterfly. He has worked extremely hard working with the orchestra for 6 hours a day for the last 6 days and it's not over yet with Madame Butterfly to come!

This afternoon the venue requested an Education Workshop (with dancing) but as the function room they were using was heavily carpeted this was not an option although Darren and Vicky demonstrated some positions and a little movement from both Madame Butterfly and Romeo & Juliet as well as showing a range of costumes and props from the productions. The workshop is part of a regular series of events held at the venue and today’s was hosted by Liu Haining who is a high profile presenter of the News on Beijing TV so was well known to the audience. The dancers did an excellent job and entertained the totally Chinese audience for more than an hour on a wide range of subjects.

The National Centre for Performing Arts has to be the most amazing theatre that the Company has ever performed in. This spectacular egg-shaped venue was designed by French Architect, Paul Andreu and opened in July 2007. Inside the vast complex there is an Opera House, Concert Hall and two Drama Theatres which collectively host world-class opera, ballet, drama and Chinese opera. The “Golden” Opera House where Northern Ballet is performing has 2398 seats and is considered the centrepiece of the complex.

This evening’s performance was received well by the capacity audience with Hannah Bateman and Toby Batley once again dancing Juliet and Romeo

All photos: Neil Jarman


Romeo    罗密欧 Tobias Batley
Juliet   朱丽叶 Hannah Bateman
Mercutio   莫丘蒂奥 Hironao Takahashi
Nurse   奶妈 Victoria Sibson
Benvolio   斑沃里奥 Ashley Dixon
Tybalt   提伯尔特 Yi Song
Lord Montague   蒙太古勋爵 Martin Bell
Paris   帕力斯 Kenneth Tindall
Lord Capulet   凯普莱特勋爵 Darren Goldsmith
Friar Laurence    弗莱尔·劳伦斯 Michael Berkin
Lady Capulet   凯普莱特勋爵夫人 Martha Leebolt  
Prince of Verona   维罗那王子 Michael Berkin
第1幕  ACT 1    
Tybalt’s Henchmen      提伯尔特随从  John Hull, Graham Kotowich
Montague Men            蒙太古族人 Giuliano Contadini, Jeremy Curnier
Montague Women       蒙太古家族女人 Jessica Morgan, Christie Duncan, Isabella Gasparini, Rachael Gillespie, Antoinette Brooks-Daw
Capulet Women           凯普莱特家族女人 Anna Blackwell, Rym Kechacha, Dreda Blow 
Knights in Ballroom      舞厅里的骑士 Giuliano Contadini, John Hull, Graham Kotowich, Yoshihisa Arai 
Knight’s Ladies            骑士情妇 Ayana Kanda, Rym Kechacha, Dreda Blow, Anna Blackwell
Juliet’s Friends            朱丽叶朋友 Julie Charlet, Michela Paolacci, Pippa Moore, Lori Gilchrist
第2幕  ACT 2    
Capulet Friends           凯普莱特家族朋友 John Hull, Graham Kotowich, Yoshihisa Arai
Capulet Girls              凯普莱特家族少女 Julie Charlet, Michela Paolacci, Pippa Moore, Lori Gilchrist
Montague Friends       凯普莱特家族朋友 Giuliano Contadini, Jeremy Curnier
Gypsies                        吉普赛

Jessica Morgan, Christie Duncan, Isabella Gasparini, Rachael Gillespie

第3幕 ACT 3  
Morning Serenade       小夜曲吟唱者 Julie Charlet, Michela Paolacci, Pippa Moore, Lori Gilchrist, Thomas Aragones, Giuliano Contadini, Jeremy Curnier, Yoshihisa Arai
Conductor                    指挥      John Pryce-Jones


Mark Skipper DL, Northern Ballet's Chief Executive. Photo Simon Lawson.
Chief Executive

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