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Guangzhou - 2nd Performance

Published on Saturday 18 January, 2014

Class was not until 2.30 today so time for a lie in, some shopping or a bit of sightseeing. It was a beautiful sunny day at 20 degrees C - the last warm day we will see on this tour as we move north to Hangzhou or Beijing tomorrow.

The two main attractions listed for Guangzhou are the Temple of Six Banyan Trees and the Pearl River (cruise at night.)

This old Buddhist Temple was originally built around 537AD. It has been rebuilt many times and the current Lotus Pagoda (at the centre of the Temple complex) dates from 1900.

Lotus Pagoda

There are several Buddhas within the Temple complex.


Another impressive building is the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

The Pearl River is more impressive at night.

Pearl River

Class was followed by rehearsals. As part of the business support we are offering to Leeds and Partners, 4 dancers - Toby, Martha, Dreda and Javier, travel to Hangzhou tomorrow for two pop-up performances giving excerpts from Cleopatra, The Great Gatsby and I Got Rhythm which needed to be rehearsed and particularly as the performances will take place in a hotel ballroom and the dance area will be less than we are used to. There are a lot of new dancers performing Cleopatra in March so even in China rehearsals continue.

Cleopatra rehearsal

The job of a Deputy Chief Electrician is varied!

Martin - wardrobe man

The new, modern area of Guangzhou has some impressive buildings.

Theater district

Tall buildings and more building in the theatre district

But incredible at night.

Night scene over the Pearl River

From the theatre terrace looking at the new buildings all around

Our final performance in Guangzhou was again at 8pm but just time for a quick dinner beforehand.

Executive dinner

The audience this evening was slightly smaller than last night but another excellent performance by the company was well received and hugely appreciated by the audience.

Tonight's cast.

The scene on stage only 10 minutes after curtain down - Super Crew!

Almost clear stage

An early 7.30am departure tomorrow for those of us going to Hangzhou and a much more civilised 10.40 for the rest.

Mark Skipper DL, Northern Ballet's Chief Executive. Photo Simon Lawson.
Chief Executive

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