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Guangzhou to Hangzhou (or Beijing)

Published on Sunday 19 January, 2014

Today we split into two groups and I went with the small group of dancers to Hangzhou in advance of our pop-up performances on Tuesday.

7.30am was rather an early start after a late show the night before but the traffic to the airport was light as it was Sunday morning. Check in for the flight was relatively speedy and once we were through security we found a Starbucks.

Starbucks at Guangzhou Airport

After we had been there a few minutes the inevitable delay notice came up. Delayed by 30 minutes due to Air Traffic Control again! As mentioned in a previous blog, this is a regular occurence but it is the first time I have seen a sign giving you directions for cancelled flights. I guess that is regular occurence too!

Cancelled Flight Directions

Eventually, the flight left 55 minutes late but caught up a little by the time we arrived in Hangzhou. The traffic in from the airport was awful and naively I had imagined that on Sunday afternoon it would be quieter but in fact it is the worst day of the week. During the drive we saw the theatre where we appeared on previous tours.

Venue from Previous Tours

For the next 3 nights we are staying at the rather nice Hyatt Regency - more from convenience than budget as it is here that we give our pop-up performances on Tuesday.

Hyatt Regency

After check in, unpacking and a little afternoon tea, there was time for a stroll around the Lake before dark.

The Lake

The Lake looked ethereal as the sun went down.

Lake at Sunset

Even close to sunset people were still paddling around the Lake.

Artistic view of th Lake

Who could resist Haagen Dazs from such a picturesque location?

Haagen Daaz

Hangzhou is probably the most upmarket of the cities that we have been to so far on the tour so there are lots of restaurants to choose from for dinner.

And not fogetting the rest of our group in Beijing, I undestand there were a few challenges when they checked in at the airport this morning but as I have heard nothing since I guess no news is good news!

Mark Skipper DL, Northern Ballet's Chief Executive. Photo Simon Lawson.
Chief Executive

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