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A day off in Bangkok

Published on Thursday 21 October, 2010

This is my first photographic blog for Northern Ballet and I thought I'd start with a little insight into Bangkok. As we had very little time during our 4 days over there, I was only able to catch us on our day off, but we packed a lot in. I'll definitely be putting more dance photography on in my later blogs but for now here's 'A day off in Bangkok'.

View from mine & Christie's room on the 12th floor of the Dhusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok
Lumpini Park. Located directly opposite the hotel & where the 'magic dragons of Bangkok' are found.
The locals in Lumpini Park One of the magic dragons of Bangkok
The very scary 'tuk-tuk' - A roller coaster  ride for the road!
Rym, Vicky, Christie and Josh survive the tuk-tuk ride! Vicky admiring the view during our long boat ride along the Chao Phraya river
One of the local houses along the canals just off of the main Chao Phraya river A local trader on the river
Christie and Rym barter to get some bargains from a trader on the river Craziness at the snake farm!
Darren at the snake farm, part of our long boat trip
I don't know how Christie had the courage for this!! A traditional Thai river house
Vicky, Darren and Dreda with our driver Josh, Christie, Rym, Dreda, Vicky and Darren


I hope you liked my photo blog of Bangkok, and please look out for my following blogs; "A Cuban Tale -Javier Torres' premiere with Northern Ballet" and "The revival of Swan Lake".

Former dancer, Photographer

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