A Cuban Tale - Javier Torres' Premiere with Northern Ballet

Published on Tuesday 26 October, 2010

Premier dancer Javier Torres joined Northern Ballet this season straight from the  prestigious Ballet Nacional de Cuba. He left there after 10 years  and has embarked on a season with Northern Ballet which we are all truly excited about, and as you'll see in the following photo blog, I'm sure the crowds will flock from all over the UK to see him. Javier's premiere performance with us was in the very difficult role of Anthony in Swan Lake at the Bradford Alhambra. His fellow artists in the leading roles were, Julie Charlet as Odette, Martha Leebolt as Odilia and John Hull as Simon.

This photo-blog is shot from the wings, a dancer's perspective, so you can see how we saw the magic unfold. Enjoy.

Swan Lake Act One

Javier and the boys
Yoshisha Arai cannot believe what's happening Miss Marthea Leebolt's first entrance
John Hull & Javier Torres
Please can I have my trousers back?! Guess not!!
Best of friends, Odilia, Simon and Anthony
Such intensity, keeps us all on the edge of our seat
The beautiful Odette arrives

Swan Lake Act 2

Julie Charlet watching Javier's solo from the opening of act 2 from the wings just before her entrance as Odette in the ball
An over the shoulder look at Javier's Black Swan duet with John Hull

Swan Lake Act Three

Leaving chaos behind him, Javier goes in search of his beloved swan, Odette
Rachael Gillespie playing one of the many swans in act three

Thank you very much for viewing my blog and I really hope you enjoyed my portrayal of Javier Torres' premiere. Watch out for my next blog 'The revival of Swan Lake' which will include various performances from the three weeks of shows and a technical rehearsal from the new Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, which Northern Ballet very proudly opened this month.

All photos © Martin Bell.

Photos feature Javier Torres, Martha Leebolt, John Hull, Ashley Dixon, Julie Charlet, Rachael Gillespie and other dancers of Northern Ballet.