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Technical Adventures in China

Published on Friday 17 January, 2014

All photos and videos were originally posted to Northern Ballet Technical's Facebook page.

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Guangzhou. A city of huge buildings and huge potential. Today we achieved. The Guangzhou Opera House resonated to the sound of rapturous applause this evening. Now for time in the hotel bar to celebrate this achievement.

Daytime off tomorrow to recover and then show call and get out. Sunday we travel to Beijing.

'Lasting memories from gourmet cuisine' — when in Rome and all that!

The talents of a member of our team from his time with an Opera company shone through.

A side door that opens up a room full of possibilities.

Even though we were delayed the work happened quickly and efficiently.

Guangzhou is a skyscraper enthusiasts dream

Guangzhou Opera House

Banlam Grand Theatre's movable floor

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