Celebrating Charlotte Brontë

Published on Thursday 21 April, 2016

After its successful world première tour in 2016, we are delighted to be touring Jane Eyre as part of our Spring 2018 season. As we look ahead to the performances, we're celebrating the impact that Charlotte Brontë and her writings still have today.

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Charlotte Brontë was born in Thornton, Bradford on 21 April 1816. Four years later the Brontës moved to the nearby village of Haworth. To this day tourists from around the world visit this small Yorkshire village to discover the place where Charlotte and her sisters lived and wrote.

Much has been written about Charlotte, her siblings and the publication of her novels but US website Bustle lists eleven things you may not know about Charlotte.

The Brontës' experiences were somewhat different to life for most people today, so The Guardian asks, "Can we truly understand Charlotte Brontë or her heroine?"


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It has been speculated that the story of Jane Eyre was born out of her own experiences as a governess; the Belfast Telegraph looks into the raging passions of Charlotte's life.

The Yorkshire Post invited seven authors to discuss what the Brontë sisters mean to them.

Charlotte and the whole Brontë family are so very closely associated with Yorkshire. The Morley Observer looks at two centuries of their connections with our home county.

In 2016 the Yorkshire Post also spoke with Cathy Marston, the choreographer of Jane Eyre, about the ballet, her inspiration and thoughts of Charlotte Brontë.

Finally the BBC has a quiz to find out how Jane Eyre you are

Today, 170 years after Jane Eyre was first published, one thing is for certain – Charlotte's writing has inspired many people and her legacy is assured.  We'll most certainly still be celebrating her and her writing for many years to come.