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Published on Saturday 25 September, 2010

Friday evening I attended a dinner last night with our Promoter, Mr Uberoi. The dinner was in honour of the departing Taiwanese Ambassador & his wife and was attended by four further Ambassadors from South Africa, Slovakia, Korea and the EU. It was quite a memorable occasion and I have never been in the company of five Ambassadors at the same time before!!

Last night the Technical Staff continued the fit up in the humid conditions of the Cultural Centre while the dancers were taken to the home of Mr Uberoi for a lavish party.

Everyone had a wonderful evening, stunning food and wine with Mr & Mrs Uberoi and Thanpuying Varaporn Pramog Na Ayudhaya, President of the Bangkok Ballet Theatre Association, but time sped by far too fast and it was soon time to return to the hotel for a good night’s sleep in preparation for the first performance today.

After the performance today we agreed with Mr Uberoi that the Company would return to the Bangkok Festival in 2012 with our new production of Cleopatra.

Tomorrow we give one final performance before returning to the UK on Monday and Swan Lake in Bradford on Wednesday.

Mark presenting Mr Uberoi with a special gift Michela Paolacci & Julie Charlet with Thanpuying Varaporn Pramog Na Ayudhaya, President of the Bangkok Ballet Theatre Association
Victoria Sibson and Hironao Takahashi A lavish spread from our gracious host
Mrs Uberoi with Ayami Miyata and Isabella Gasparini Michela Paolacci and Guiliano Contadini
Graham Kotowich and Yoshihisa Arai Hironao Takahashi, Thomas Aragones, Michela Paolacci, Julie Charlet and John Hull
Ayami Miyata, Graham Kotowich, Michela Paolacci and Michael Berkin Joshua Barwich and Rym Kechacha
Christie Duncan and Ayami Miyata Georgina May, Lori Gilchrist, Jeremy Curnier, Christie Duncan, Sebastian Loe and Martin Bell
Jessica Morgan, Ben Mitchell, Isabella Gasparini, Giuliano Contadini and Anna Blackwell Party-time, Thailand!
Tobias Batley and Pippa Moore Ayami, Isabella, Yoshi and Michela
Yoshi, Ayami and Ben Mr Uberoi with Michela and Julie

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