Expressing emotions

Published on Tuesday 29 August, 2017

We are often asked about how we show emotion through dance, so we asked our Graduate students to come up with a movement to represent popular emojis...

How do I share the GIFs?

Like, or Thumbs up

Love, or Heart

Anger, or Rage

Sad, or Crying

Laughing, or Haha

Wow, or Surprise

Emotion clips created with The Space.

*Sharing the GIFs

  1. Copy the GIF code in the boxes provided
  2. To share on Twitter paste the code at the end of your tweet. The GIF will animate inline on Twitter!
  3. To share on Facebook paste the code into a new post (it must be the first link). When you can see the preview you can delete the code.
  4. To share in a reply on Facebook paste the code into a reply, wait for the preview to appear then delete the code.

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