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Northern Ballet & You - Social Media Numbers

Published on Wednesday 1 August, 2012

Judith Mackrell has posted an article today on the Guardian Culture website about the importance of social media to dance companies. And because a fair percentage of people visiting our site comes from various social networks here's a few stats about people visiting our site*.

Going social

Since we re-branded and launched our new site in September 2010 we've had 420,687 visits to from 298,983 people and they have looked at 1,527,616 pages!

Our busiest month was March 2011 where we had 27,021 visits and 101,828 pages were served.

On Twitter we have 7,083 people following us, adding an average of 293 new followers a month and on Facebook we have 3,135 fans adding 125 a month.

On our Google+ page we have 334 likes/circled and on our company page on LinkedIn 293 are following us.

Our monthly eNewsletter goes to 5,556 people and around 1,500 links are followed in each email.

The following table shows the number of visitors various sites have sent us (this does not include search or paid advertising.)

Source Visitors
Facebook 25,565
Twitter 4,440
Leeds Grand Theatre 3,990
StumbleUpon 3,455
Dance Europe 3,089
Arts Jobs 707
Leeds Met 558
BBC 528
Wikipedia 440 405

When it comes to search (Google, Bing, Yahoo et al) there are no surprises of the most common phrases people use to find us...

Term Visits
northern ballet 82,168
northern ballet theatre 19,777
northern ballet leeds 5,540
northern ballet cleopatra 3,246
northen ballet 2,481
northern ballet school 2,285
ballet leeds 2,192
leeds ballet 2,132
northern ballet academy 1,900
northern ballet beauty and the beast 1,880

Since April 2012 we've included the number of times a link to has been included in search results pages, here there are a couple of surprises... (The numbers here are rounded by Google.)

Term number of appearances
leeds grand theatre 40,000
norwich theatre royal 35,000
northern ballet 27,000
madame butterfly 18,000
nottingham theatre royal 18,000
frances barber 15,000
northern ballet school 15,000
theatre royal norwich 15,000
ben mitchell 12,000
cleopatra 12,000

We post our videos to YouTube and since our relaunch our videos have been watched 155,587 times (this includes our old Northern Ballet Theatre YouTube channel). Our most popular video has been the trailer for Cleopatra which has been watched 25,039 times. (The video was filmed before any of the set or costumes for the ballet had been produced!)

Recently we've started using Pinterest and Tumblr to highlight some of the photos from our archives as well as to find and share amazing ballet/dance pictures from all across the web. There are 125 people who follow us on Pinterest and 46 on Tumblr.

We're always looking at new social networks and ways of making it easier for you to engage with us. You can leave a comment below if you want to suggest anywhere online you think we ought to be or drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook, email... You get the idea!

*The stats are collated anonymously by Google using cookies. Learn more about how we use cookies and how to disable them.

Stats are up to the and of July 2012 unless otherwise stated.

Phill UpNorth
Digital Manager

The views expressed in blogs are those of the author and not necessarily of Northern Ballet.