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From the Archive - Othello 1985

Published on Thursday 28 August, 2014

In 1985 Robert de Warren (choreographer and Artistic Director) created a new ballet based on Shakespeare's Othello. In this pic the composer, Loris Tjeknavoran discusses the music with de Warren and dancers Marcello Angelini (Othello) and Daniela Buson (Desdemona).

Robert de Warren, dancers Marcello Angelini and Daniella Buson, and composer Loris Tjeknavoran.

Othello had its Premiére at Nothampton on September 4 1985.

Choreography Robert de Warren, music Loris Tjeknavoran, production design Peter Farmer.

With thanks to the estate of John Percival for the image.

Phill UpNorth
Digital Manager

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