Audio Descriptions and Touch Tours in Spring 2019

Published on Friday 8 February, 2019

As the world première tour of Cathy Marston’s Victoria gets closer we’re looking forward to sharing this new ballet with audiences across the country.

To make Victoria more accessible to visually impaired patrons, we are offering Audio Described performances at every theatre we tour to with this new ballet. Depending on the venue, visually impaired patrons can request a headset or will be able to listen to the description on their own personal device (please ask at your theatre’s box office for more information).

Audio Descriptions are read live by a Northern Ballet dancer and a VocalEyes practitioner, bringing the performance to life in your mind’s eye with a detailed description of the movement, action and drama unfolding on stage.

'I didn’t know what to expect but the music and description gelled really well together. I was enthralled with it — it was as if everything else around you didn’t exist.'
Visually impaired patron

We also offer visually impaired patrons and their companions the chance to get closer to and further understand the ballet with free Touch Tour Insights at every theatre receiving an Audio Described performance. You’ll hear a description of the scenery, feel the props and costumes and discover the shapes and quality of the movement from the ballet, with the aid of Company dancers and the Stage Management team.

'A group of us attended the Touch Tour Insight and it was amazing! What a lovely experience it was, and without a doubt it will have helped our clients’ experience of the ballet.'
Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind

This spring, there will also be Audio Described performances of the highly anticipated return of The Great Gatsby available in Salford and Southampton. To find out more and listen to audio adverts, please visit our Events at the Theatre page.