Short ballets tour times

Published on Monday 24 February, 2014

We are often asked why our Short Ballets are scheduled as they are, especially about the times of performances.

There are two parts of the Short Ballets tour - from March to April where we take it to as many theatres as is possible and then from May when the short ballets joins the main tour.

We have tried our hardest to make the tour as accessible to as many people as possible but to organise the tour we have had to consider distances between venues, time to set up, time to get out, other productions happening at the theatres around the time we’re there and the availability of theatres.

Where the performances for the first part of the tour don’t fall on a Saturday we have tried to make sure there's an after-school performance so parents of older children can attend too.

Where the short ballets join the main tour they have been included this as an extra and we can only fit it in with the main production on Friday afternoons and still leave time to change sets and lighting in time for the evening performance of the main show.

What we found last year [2013 -Ed] when we first toured the short ballets was that the morning and afternoons were ideal both for school trips and pre-schoolers.

We do appreciate your feedback and take it on board when planning the short ballets tour.

Director of Learning

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