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Join us for a week of dance & storytelling

Published on Tuesday 29 July, 2014

This page contains information which may be out-of-date or no longer relevant. It is kept here for archive purposes only.

Our open Summer Course runs from August 18 - 21 and there's only a few spaces left - book now for added summer fun for 6 to 13 year-olds!

During our Summer Course, youngsters will have the opportunity to explore how we can use the magical tale of Peter Pan to inspire our own stories through dance.

Written by JM Barrie, Peter Pan is one of the most famous adventure stories for children and has been retold all over the world in lots of different ways. From plays, pantomimes and films we continue to be inspired by Peter Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boy’s adventures in Neverland.

What really makes the story special is that children are the stars! They are the heroes of the story and go on an exciting journey to defeat Captain Hook. The story celebrates being young, having fun and being courageous, that’s why we think it is the perfect story to inspire our own tales during the Summer Course.

Like Peter Pan and his mischievous friends, we want the young people on our Summer Course to use their imagination and creativity to work together and create exciting stories of their own.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work with our dance artists and Matthew Bellwood, a professional storyteller to develop your performance skills, creativity and dance technique.

We only have a few places left on the Summer Course, so make sure you book a place as soon as possible. To book contact Shelley Firth on 0113 220 8000 or email

Open Summer Course 2014

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