Meeting our Elf Mascot

Published on Wednesday 30 July, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Can you guess what I am? I am an Elf! Yes! Elf! Not many of you will have ever met or even seen an Elf before, well that’s because we are very good at hiding and we live in lots of faraway magical places where not many people go. We love to hide and fit in the smallest of places. I enjoy hiding in trees and finding the cosiest spots in the leaves but Elves have lots of energy and love to dance! I am always moving, jumping, tapping, twisting and turning.

I am going on a new adventure to meet new friends and find the perfect name – that’s right I’ve never had a name before! I am an Elf without a name! Isn’t it strange? That’s why I’ve joined the Northern Ballet team. I’ve heard they are creating a show all about Elves called Elves & the Shoemaker which is very exciting and they have said I can come along to different events to meet new friends and to ask people what name they think would suit me best! What an adventure!

This weekend I went on my very first trip to Hunslet. It is a long way to travel for an Elf with such little legs but The Hunslet Club were having their Family Gala Day and we were invited to come along to join the fun and tell people about the ballet, Elves & the Shoemaker.

What an exciting day it was! The sun was shining and there was so much to do and see. We had burgers, went on the bouncy castle and got to see lots of boys and girls dancing. I even tried a few moves out myself.

The best part of the day was meeting lots of nice children who suggested some really good names for me. They even came and made Elf hats with us. They were all very colour and magical – perfect for little Elves! It was a great day but I was very tired from dancing and making crafts with children all day…

The adventure doesn’t stop there as we will have lots more fun events coming up!

We will be heading to Temple Newsam on Thursday 31 July to join Breeze on Tour and the mini-Breeze events at Cardinal Square, Beeston on 15 August and Seacroft Village Green on 22 August. We will have games, crafts and will be asking more children to think of exciting Elf names for me.

It is going to be magical!


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