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60 seconds

What keeps you motivated? Curiosity. Tell us a funny ballet story. During Swan Lake, another dancer was supposed to fall off his bike but he did it too early and we had to fill out the scene throwing a football around for an uncomfortable amount of music! How do you like to relax? By watching a good movie. Can you cook? If so, what’s your signature dish? I make a good stir fry. What is your TV viewing guilty pleasure? Take Me Out.
Tell us something about your home town... San Francisco is a beautiful city but very foggy. What keeps you motivated? The other dancers. They push me to do my best and are such an inspiration to me. Tell us a funny ballet story... Once during the skating scene in Cinderella I was waiting to go on stage again, there was not much space and I took a step back and wiped out!
Tell us something about your home town. Bath Spa is really amazing to visit. I like to go when I get the chance. What keeps you motivated? I like to take time out by reading books, and doing photography and art. I also like to watch ballet as you can always learn more and that adds motivation.
Grimsby has really good fish and chips and there’s a great theme park nearby in Cleethorpes called Pleasure Island
I'm from Kingston Ontario, Canada, a lovely little city situated right where Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River meet. Kingston is halfway between two big cities, Montreal and Toronto, but it does have a charm of it's own. You're never far from the lake!
Tell us something about your home town... Lewis Carroll had six sisters who lived in Guildford and during one of his many visits he wrote the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glass. He spent his last year of life in Guildford and is buried on ‘the Mount’.
Tell us something about your home town. Dundee is the home city of the Beano and Dandy. What keeps you motivated? New adventures - you never know what each day will bring. Tell us a funny ballet story. My friend, a Principal Dancer with a world-famous ballet company, was dancing the role of Romeo in Romeo & Juliet and once went on for the balcony pas de deux and didn't realise until he was already on stage that he was still wearing his tracksuit bottoms over his tights!
I am a professional dancer with Northern Ballet. I tour and perform ballets in and around the UK. It took me many years of hard work and training until I could audition and be accepted into the Company.
Tell us something about your home town. Liverpool has two cathedrals, one Anglican and one Roman Catholic which are linked by a road called Hope Street. What keeps you motivated? Music and dance.


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