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Christopher Hampson

When I created this piece over 15 years ago, I was initially inspired by the score. I began listening obsessively to the Violin Concerto in E Major. I thought I knew it quite well but every time I played it I heard something new and still do today. I began the ballet by wanting to construct and layer movement to make a whole, like Bach does with his composition. The music never stops, even the slow middle movement has a pulse going through it that pushes the ear to anticipate the next development.
Christopher Hampson joined Scottish Ballet as Artistic Director in August 2012. Christopher trained at the Royal Ballet Schools. His choreographic work began there and continued at English National Ballet (ENB), where he danced until 1999 and for whom he subsequently created numerous award-winning works, including Double Concerto, Perpetuum Mobile, Country Garden, Concerto Grosso and The Nutcracker.
Christopher Hampson, choreographer of Perpetuum Mobile and Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet, talks to us about this work set to music by Bach. He also talks about working with our dancers, the evolution of work over the years and just how busy he is this year (2012)...
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