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On Wednesday 29 January I braved the weather and trekked north with graduate dancers Curtis Pooley and Madeleine Bantick for a special fashion shoot in Edinburgh; and to spread the word about the UK première of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo's Romeo and Juliet at Edinburgh Festival Theatre 26-28 February.
This week two sultry and mysterious characters were spotted in the atmospheric Dark Arches of Leeds as our dancers Alice Bayston and Isabelle Clough took to the tunnels to model the latest fashions in a vampire-inspired photo shoot with Harvey Nichols.
Olivia Holland at a Harvey Nichols photo shoot
Last week two of the our dancers, Maria Beseghi and Olivia Holland, switched occupation for a day to be models in a luxury fashion photo-shoot with Harvey Nichols and Yorkshire Post. We took lots of snaps to give you a behind-the-scenes look at just what the dancers got up to. 
Hannah Bateman & Victoria Sibson let us into their dressing room to reveal the secrets of the make-up which makes Les Feés Luminaire & Magnifique of Beauty & the Beast so striking.
Yet what an aura surrounds you; Your evil little aura, prowling, and casting a numbness on my mind. That is your trick, your bit of filthy magic: Invisibility, and the anæsthetic power To deaden my attention in your direction. But I know your game now, streaky sorcerer. From DH Lawrence, The Mosquito
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